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Poets on Site in Torrance Thank You

See Album of Photos of this event
The art, the poetry, the music, and the joining
of all three- the walls and space
alive with resounding beauty.
We will show a video made during the performance
at our Poets Salon on Thursday. Thank you to artist Ron Libbrecht
and his wife Diane for inviting our poets and musicians
to their gallery and providing a lovely reception and welcome, and
to artist Bill Anderson for his ongoing praise, attention and help.
Musicians Paul Sherman, Asuncion Ojeda so generously
joined with Rick Wilson providing such wonderful
musical dialogue with the poetry.
Fourteen poets read the work of twenty poets,
their poems in dialogue
with the art, such strong and vital expression, it
was really an honor to make this book. Every poem was read
whether the poet was able to attend or not. Thank you to Gail and Steven,
thanks to them we do have a fascinating video with some of the action,
as well as photos. Thanks to Vic Gendrano, Debbie Kolodji and Susan
Rogers for photos and thanks to all poets
and friends who came to cheer us on.

More photos soon, we wanted to thank you all
right away. I've already started working on the
poems some of you have already sent for our performance
August 23 at the Chaffey Museum on the work of Milford Zornes as
a war artist in India, China and Burma. We'll have appropriate
musical accompaniment for that too.

Love and thanks from
Kathabela and Rick Wilson


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Sep. 16th, 2008 01:22 am (UTC)
DEB9mU gps34JsDl901Wp4kV
Sep. 27th, 2008 10:51 pm (UTC)
Good crew it's cool :)
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