October 6th, 2008

walking distance

This is a photo of Darwin as a young boy, holding one of the plants he studied and loved.

One thing I love about where I live is how many wonderful places and how much culture is walking distance from our home in Pasadena. Being that we live a block from Caltech- that gives you some idea already!

Today I walked to the Caltech Post Office (5 minutes) and mailed a copy of our local haiku group anthology and a copy of our Poets on Site book that focused on paintings of the site of Manzanar (Japanese-American Internment Camps. WWII) to a haiku poet in Japan! I had been wanting to do this for months, as she answered my new year haiku with a book of her haiku!

Then I walked to the Huntington Gardens (1/2 hour) and saw the exhibit Darwin's Garden, a small exquisite exhiit of manuscripts about his experiments and love for nature, and especially plants.

The I walked 1/2 hour to yoga class at Caltech a block (5 minutes from our home)
and then home.

My head full of poems and happy with what is walking distance! More soon...

Tonight we are going to a concert at Zipper Hall (not walking distance)