October 7th, 2008

where I walked today

An intersting inscription at the Huntington Gardens. Well are they telling us not to write on bamboo as a topic? (Oh, only a poet could interpret it that way!) actually the Hungtington Gardens (walking distance from my home in Pasadena) has been the site of many inspirations for many of my poems! (bamboo included.)

I walked at 9:15 AM to pilates class at Caltech. How can you say no when it's 5 minutes away?

Later again a walk to the Caltech Post Office! (5 minutes) and this time I mailed 6 rings to France! Bagnolet to be exact. We stayed in our friend flutist and maker's home on our visit to Paris.
I gave his daughter a ring, and she loved it so much it wore out. So she needed another, and since it's hard to size from afar, I sent a half dozen and told her to find her favorite and share with her friends! See my handmade jewelry

Then after that a 2 minute walk to my yoga class at Caltech. (I know I am spoiled.) Caltech has classes every day (I go to each one) and there are several different teachers. So I learn from different perspectives.

Later in the evening I walked to the Huntington Gardens again, this time for a Chinese Garden Lecture! This was amazing, more about that soon, Alvin, a poet friend came to the lecture, and poet Deborah P Kolodji came too (and drove me home). We had fun sharing that and talking afterwards.