October 8th, 2008

walking caltech

So amazing, I walk to the post office at Caltech, five minutes away. The Spitzer Science Center is in the same building on the third floor! On ground level right where I mail things is this beautiful display, with a moving screen update new discoveries and posters and updates. This time I concentrated on reading the fantastic stories of star formation and took photos. I think we can arrange a tour of the facility for a group of poets sometime. Poets on Site at the Spitzer Scince Center sounds great.

I mailed my mom a copy of Phantom Seed. The poem I had published recently in this journal
"Sahara" is about her! I have not told her yet, so it will be a surprise! Thanks to Ruth Nolan for the inspiration. Deborah P Kolodji also has poems in it, we went to the celebration opening reading together last week. Also I mailed a copy of our last Poets on Site journal and our haiku anthology as birthday presents to a good friend in Santa Barbara.

Walked also to visit Rick at the Caltech welcoming new mathematics faculty party in the math building across the street.

Then walked to Caltech yoga (I had to teach the class (I have never done that before)
because the teacher was not there- at the end I said- well this is what it is like if a poet teached the yoga class- (I used my own images...) It was different and quite an improvisation but I saw about fifteen smiling faces when I was done!

Then to Caltech Glee Club rehearsal, we are singing John Rutter's Gloria this concert- lots of brass accompaniment.

All Caltech walks today- but what variety! I could never go anywhere else and be happy!