October 10th, 2008

Two days walk

Yesterday and today walks went to Caltech for

Sharon and Al joined me, after I walked from Caltech Yoga to "Dark Matters" the lecture at 4 PM at the Physics Research Conference, Jonathan Feng, professor of physics and astronomy, and Chancellor's Fellow, UC Irvine. (Before that I walked to pilates class at noon and around our kitchen making Poets Soup.) This was the second of our ongoing "Poets on Site at Caltech Science Lectures" Series. This is a long-term varied, experimental project. We hope that before next summer we can have an event at Caltech with poems written at some of these lectures. Any poet can join in, comment here or email to get notifications of lectures.

Friday I walked to Caltech Fine Arts and Crafts Club at the Red Door Cafe, a group I started 2 weeks ago. Artists bring their work to show and even work while we talk. It was Karen Klingman's birthday, so we celebrated with roses and little handmade gifts.
Then after lunch and yoga I walked back to the Red Door, for Caltech Poetry Club, (second photo) same location - a retired scientist, Don Trask, from JPL joined us for the first time and our student, Noele,(third from left) our most active student member was there too, reading a new poem. We all read with comments,(Don recited a favorite ditty he recites for his grandchildren, which related to Janes's poem) and also read a chapter from Now&Then, on Blake and the 19th century Labor movement, as well as a poem by Donna Allberry, "The Assembler". I am so lucky to be able to have such interesting events a block from home.