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October 13th, 2008

amazing walks

Sunday's Walk to
the Lecture at the Pacific Asia Museum-Pasadena
"Confucianism in California: Philosophy and Religion, the Secular as Sacred"
Dr. Jonathan H.X. Lee-the role of Confucianism in Chinese
immigrant communities historically and today, as well as its current revival
in China wasreally wonderful. I knew little about this- and learned so much. Also we saw the Contemporary Art of Pakistan (4 artists) faxcinating. sharon joined me there.

That same day-Sunday- I walked to Lagerstrom Chamber Music Concert: Cecilia String Quartet play Lutoslowski-play his one strin quartet. Inspiring. I love his music- and the delicacy and the improvisatory nature of his work was so moving I left right after it to keep it in my head.

Later I walked to American Tribal Bellydance Class at Caltech. I had never done this before- a new teacher and new time- I am so happy it has changed from Saturdays. I won't be late for our haiku meeting anymore!

Today I walked to Caltech again for a most amazing lecture by
Garrett Reisman, astronaut, NASA Space Center.
He has just returned from and gave a presentation on his three month stay aboard the
International Space Station. He said he was physically there but mentally it takes longer to return. He got both his undergraduate and doctoral degrees from Caltech so he was returning with quite a story. I felt lucky to see the amazing film he showed of his experiences and views from the shuttle.


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