Kathabela Wilson (kathleenwilson) wrote,
Kathabela Wilson

"The First Celebrated Poets Tea" (Sharon Hawley)

I've been busy with some wonderful poetic special events at our home! This was last night:

Celebrating the poetry and adventures of poet SHARON HAWLEY

Sunday, January 20 4:30 to 6 PM
See more photos from the event at

The First Celebrated Poet's Tea
See Sharon's web site in progress Pedaling West for more details and thoughts on her solo bike ride adventure.

This is the first in a series of Poetry Teas celebrating poets and their accomplishments. At our home in Pasadena, Sharon did a lecture-powerpoint presentation and of her 120 day solo cross-country bike trip, last summer, read some poetry written during her journey, and signed her chapbook "Pedaling West". Future events will celebrate poets Paulie Dutton, Justin Kibbe, Deborah Kolodji. Dates to be announced.

I've added Sharon to my website, Celebrated Poets as the currently featured author. You'll be able to read some of her poetry there. Other poets featured, along with their poetry, are Jim Benz, James Zealy, and Stephan Anstey.


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