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Today Poets and Musicians on Site

Dear friends of Poets and Musicians on Site,

We know this is short notice, and some of
you live to far to come,
but still, we thought you would like to know- and maybe
a few of you could come? There are twenty poets and 3 musicians
contributing to this event!

Today, Saturday, July 26, at 2 PM
Poets on Site, an ongoing cooperative Southern California poetic
writing and performance group will present poems and music for
the exhibit "Three Generations: Milford Zornes, Bill Anderson, Ron
Poet on Site features
Pasadena and other Los Angeles area poets inspired by the exhibit.
For this event, Paul Sherman on oboe, Rick Wilson and Asuncion Ojeda
on baroque flutes will perform
festive music as interludes and to compliment
the poems. The acoustics in the gallery are especially good, so we
know you will enjoy this.

APC Fine Arts and Graphics Gallery
1621 Cabrillo Ave,
Torrance, CA 90501

The excitement of looking at the
art work while the poems are read gives the effect of a poetic
docent style tour of the exhibit. A special book for the event
with all the poems will include some photos of paintings and
will be available for purchase.

Since the beginning of this year,
Poets on Site have written and performed on many of the 100th birthday
exhibits of Milford Zornes:
at the Pasadena Museum of California Art,
The San Marino Gallery in Pasadena,
and on invitation at the Bill Anderson Gallery in Sunset

Other performances this year were
a tourguide walk through the exhibit "Rengetsu: her Art and Poetry" took
at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena. in May.
and a celebration of the Earth
in April at "Ten Thousand Villages" in Pasadena
with poems, art and music poems inspired
by Fish Canyon Falls, Eaton Canyon,
and other natural sites in our area.

Future performances include one on
Saturday, August 23 at 1 PM
on the Chaffey Museum's in Rancho Cuchamonga
exhibit of Zornes' work a s a
WWII artist in India, China and Burma.

Performances of collections of poems already written at
the previous Zornes exhibits at the Riverside Museum,
and the exhibit "Black and White" at the Ontario
Museum of Art are still to be scheduled.

Kathabela and Rick Wilson for
Poets and Musicians
on Site


Kathabela Wilson

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