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leaving for Turkey

We are leaving for Turkey Friday. A mathematics conference. I listen poetically. I am sure this trip will be very inspiring. The group includes many old friends, our host from our Iran trip, and many tours, boat rides and concerts. An I will meet a poet friend I have only spoken to online. Very beautiful trip.
We will stay at the University guest house for the week - but then have 3 nights at "Hotel Poem" -yes, it's really true!

celebrating Mariko Kitakubo

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 19
at 2 PM
Mariko Kitakubo from Japan
will read her beautiful tanka poetry
at the Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena
46 North Los Robles Avenue,
Pasadena California 91101

A prelude on flute and shamisen
(by Rick and Mei) will introduce her reading,
with courtyard music accompanying the
museum reception.

Following the event, poets and friends (including those
who are unable to attend the 2 PM reading)
are welcome join us and to meet her at a
celebration tea at our home
honoring her poetry and her visit.
(time approximate, depending
on the museum activities- 4 PM or after)

Mariko Kitakubo Tanka Performance/Reading
In a rare bilingual performance, Mariko Kitakubo, a leading Japanese poet
and performance artist, will present her tanka (Japan's oldest and most
popular poetry form) accompanied by Linda Galloway reading the English
translation. Program co-sponsored by the Southern California Haiku Study

Hope to see you tomorrow

Poets of the FANtastic!

Here see some poets of the FANtastic after the reading last night.

Kendall and Denise

I am baking cookies for after your reading
see Debbie's announcement

smiles from your sci-fi friend

Poets on Site at the Anderson Gallery with Bill Anderson, artist and gallery owner. (See May 10, below)

This is a calendar of some of our poetry, musical,
and artistic events and
projects between now and May 10.
The first 3 numbered items are important
current projects, please submit poems for these three
books soon. I am working on these
as poetic "scripts" for our performances.
Please write with questions
or requests for more details. I will write when the time is close, on each
separately, but this gives you an overview, with special treats

Also- a new project!
The Pacific Asia Museum has invited Poets on Site
to write poems on any objects in their permanent collection
to be recorded in January for audio poetry tours of the museum.
Email any poems you write, as an ongoing poetic tour,
(most rooms are permanent
exhibits, ask at the desk which are the temporary rooms.)
Poets on Site will be admitted free to the museum to do this
long-term project.

We are currently writing
for three scheduled performances/chapbooks:

1. important-please send poems now for :
Thursday, April 24, 2008
Poets on Site on Earth: 7:30 PM
A Celebration at Ten Thousand Villages
496 South Lake Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101
featuring poets on site on earth
and music
- on the hiking trail
at Fish Canyon Falls, Eaton Canyon, and other
natural sites in the local area I am making a book
to accompany this performance.

Please submit poems
on waterfalls, mountains, canyons
preferably in this area.
We will walk over to the location, a block from
our home, during that week's Thursday evening poetry salon.

2. Sunday, May 4, 2008
Poets on Site on "Lotus Moon": 2 PM
Pacific Asia Museum (Japanese Gallery)
46 North Los Robles Avenue
Pasadena, California 91101
A poetic response to the poetry and art of Rengetsu,
(Lotus Moon), 19th century Buddhist nun, renowned
for her beautiful calligraphy, art, ceramics and poetry.
This will be a tourguide style walk through the exhibit.
Shinobue (Japanese flute) music by Rick Wilson
Please send poems and artwork for the chapbook at
any time until the last week of April.
I am beginning to compile this
now. Please note the #s and names of the piece in the
small exhibit that relates to your poems. You may write
general responses to be used as preludes, interludes, etc.
See our listing in the museum calendar, May 4:
Please continue to visit the museum
Hours: Wed - Sun: 10:00am-6:00pm
At the front desk, say you are a Poet on Site
writing for our performance, for free admission to
the Japanese gallery.

3. Saturday, May 10, 2008 (time: 1:30 PM
start time for our performance, reception is 12 to 3 PM)
Poets on Site at The Anderson Gallery
(Debbie, Just and Kath wrote at the gallery again last week, and we
visited the nearby beautiful Bolsa Chica bird refuge-)
see us at the bird refuge, and the gallery after:

Poems on the Oil Paintings of Milford Zornes
1618 Pacific Coast Highway
Sunset Beach, CA 90742
This will be a very special event, hosted by Bill Anderson, artist,
collector and longtime friend of Milford Zornes. He is a great
admirer of our poetry, and will be inviting special guests.
Please submit poems as early as possible,
ongoing into the end of April. Many of you
have poems in progress I know. Please continue
to visit the Anderson Gallery (The exhibit
is stunning)
Hours: Fridays and Saturdays 1 to 9 p.m., Sundays 1 to 7 p.m

Note: We have two other chapbooks in progress.
1. Riverside Museum watercolors (exhibit closed,
but most of the paintings are in the recent
book "Milford Zornes". (The Riverside Museum is
very excited about our work, and looks
forward to more projects with us.)
The notice was too short for
a performance on site, but we will do this at a later date,
with slides, and a chapbook.

2. Milford Zornes in "Black and White"
Museum of History and Art, Ontario ends April 13
225 South Euclid Ave
Ontario, CA 91762
(admission free-donation)
unusual exhibit of lithographs,
linocuts, ink, charcoal, printmaking, drawings.
Hours Wed-Sun 12 - 4 PM
chapbook in progress, a performance
with slides and chapbook at a later date.
Submit poems at any time, work on compiling
the book is in progress. I do have some photos
of the work.

Special Events:

1.Saturday, April 19, 2008, 2 PM
Pacific Asia Museum
Mariko Kitakubo Tanka Performance/Reading
In a rare bilingual performance, Mariko Kitakubo, a leading Japanese poet
and performance artist, will present her tanka (Japan's oldest and most
popular poetry form) accompanied by Linda Galloway reading the English
translation. Program co-sponsored by the Southern California Haiku Study
Group. Japanese flute music by Rick Wilson.
This will be followed by a reception in the courtyard, continuing
with a reception at our home (4-5:30 PM approx)

2. also
Saturday April 19 at 2 pm there is the
sixth annual Poetry & Cookies celebration on
at the Altadena Library
600 East Mariposa St.
Altadena, CA 91001
Pauli Dutton, organizing
(I am sorry not to be able to attend this because of the above event.
If you go to this, please join us at the reception after.

3.Tuesday, April 22nd
from 6:30-8:30 PM
Festival of Poetry Pasadena Central Library,
D. W. Auditorium (285 East Walnut Street),
Music, Open microphone.
hosted my Mira Mataric

April 12 to May 10
Art Sustaining Nature
(art in natural sites includes work by
our friend Nancy Keyes,
poet, yoga teacher artist) at the Audubon Center
at Debs Park Wed-Sat 9 to 5 pm
4700 North Griffin Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90031

Fiber-Art-poetry Exhibit by our friend Poet Cindy Rinne
through May 3
Wave Lengths Salon/Gallery, 19 E. Citrus Ave., Suite 205, Redlands
(I went to this yesterday, and it is wonderful!) Cindy will be participating
our Earth Day poetic celebration on April 24. We met her at Ruth Nolan's
poetry workshop at the Riverside Museum last month.

Regular Events:

Every Thursday 6 PM to 9 PM
Poets Salon dinner, workshop and entertainment
at our home
805 886 9384 for details

Tuesdays 3:30 - 4:30 PM
Fridays 12-1PM
Caltech Poetry Club
Red Door Cafe, Caltech campus

Thanks, all of you, for
your beautiful poetry, art, music and joyful
times together,
We leave for China for 3 weeks, May 12,
so we will enjoy all of our projects together
before we leave! The Thursday workshops
will continue at our home while we are gone.

Poems from Fish Canyon Falls March 8, 2008

above a great photo of Debbie Kolodji, on the far right, with Kendall Evans. Under the waterfall is Just Kibbe, Kathabela(me) and Sharon Hawley

Waterfallen Words

in my waterfallen nest
words' rocky cradle

loud voice and spray
louder than my thoughts

words sleep in
its stony arms

nestle comfortably
in jagged boulder bed

they lie back
eyelids shut

alone while
teasing spray

puts sparkle make-up
on their smiles

the cheek of words
turns to river rock in its own stream

become in occasionally visible
continuous mist just part

of message left
by alien poet ancestors

carved through stone
cascades of syllables

in its underspray
I stretch out succumb in continuous mist

my words
camp here

~kaw 3/8/08

What We Didn't Read by the Falls

warnings on the trail
came to us by early hikers
already on their way back

as we set out
into the old hills
by the new quarry

we saw the rescue team
coming with their tall buckets
and tools their long plastic gloves

determined expressions
we pulled aside and let them pass
to go on ahead to do their work

pure wilderness
the new blooms of early spring
the side trails we took

and darlin' donna
her fallin' song a prelude
in her light clear voice

all the while our trepidation
about trouble ahead
mixed with the stream sound

reports of an ugly scene
around the magnificent bend
over the great falls

we imagined
hoped to see nothing

that it would be all cleaned up
before we got there
and it was so

we were speechless
before the roar of
Fish Canyon Falls

and she was pristine
there were no words
but ours

and they came slowly
after we passed
volunteers on their way out

carrying the remains
grey and beige
paint and brushes

graffiti crew
justly proud of their work
we saw no words over the waterfall

wilderness was safe
for another day
from bad poets

no words but ours
and they came slowly
we mixed them aloud

our mist our spray
of waterfallen words

~kaw (from 3/8/08)

Fish Canyon Falls Scrapbook One

Inspired and organized by Debbie Kolodji, see 5 Poets on Site at the beautiful Fish Canyon Falls

A first scrapbook of photos! More to come.
Poets on Site at Fish Canyon Falls

new year haiku sparkles

I've been working on my new year haiku, now up to #33 of 61
I've been keeping a record-- follow the little green arrows to see todays
new haiku on handmade cards:

and here are a couple of samples...

I've been busy with some wonderful poetic special events at our home! This was last night:

Celebrating the poetry and adventures of poet SHARON HAWLEY

Sunday, January 20 4:30 to 6 PM
See more photos from the event at

The First Celebrated Poet's Tea
See Sharon's web site in progress Pedaling West for more details and thoughts on her solo bike ride adventure.

This is the first in a series of Poetry Teas celebrating poets and their accomplishments. At our home in Pasadena, Sharon did a lecture-powerpoint presentation and of her 120 day solo cross-country bike trip, last summer, read some poetry written during her journey, and signed her chapbook "Pedaling West". Future events will celebrate poets Paulie Dutton, Justin Kibbe, Deborah Kolodji. Dates to be announced.

I've added Sharon to my website, Celebrated Poets as the currently featured author. You'll be able to read some of her poetry there. Other poets featured, along with their poetry, are Jim Benz, James Zealy, and Stephan Anstey.

"Wild Lupines Become Her"

Last Sunday we went to an end of the season poetry party at our friend Wendy's home in Long Beach. We were delighted to meet Naia for the first time. We had heard about one another, and I had loved her poetry website already. We instantly connected as friends. Yesterday I received this beautiful cinquain from her with a photo she took of Rick and I as a gift. I played wood block during some of the dance movements of the Klezmer pieces Rick played on his 1842 Viennese (Koch)flute from our collection.

See Naiia's beautiful poetry website: http://naia.ws:80/